Change… oh and SNOW!

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So, for all of you reading out there [all five of you], it may pain you to hear that Matt Mitchell has gone back to Maryland. We miss you buddy… you’re welcome back any time! We wish you well from the Wolf Den and hope to see you soon. Love ya man.

In other news… We got POUNDED like Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball, however, not by Billy Bob Thorton [THANK GOD] but rather by frozen accumulation… snow.  Just over a week ago, we got close to 12 inches of snow starting Friday night and ruining the weekend for some, Tom and I thoroughly enjoyed our time stuck in the house while Shawn froze to death in his hole. Tim and DW went to Appomattox to seek refuge in his parents house enjoying luxuries like food and heat. Here in Lynchburg however, men were men and well Tom was Tom and we stuck it out… local schools increased the amount of kids who believe in prayer by canceling school pretty much all week only to lead into this past weekend… and MORE SNOW fell. Another 6 inches… although the total was skewed due to wintry mixes of snow/sleet/freezing rain [every possible form of accumulation] and the sun didn’t help with the total either. As I type… they are calling for 2-4 inches tonight!  At any rate, the snow canceled Sweet Briar college’s Fringe Festival in which Tim, DW and myself were involved in.  We began working on an original musical called Hard Times by Lori McKelvey, a musical based on the book Hard Times by Charles Dickens. The first rehearsal was canceled [damn snow] leaving us with 4 more rehearsals before performance and none of us had even seen the sheet music or the script! YAY [sarcasm]. In total, we had 2 rehearsals before more snowfall and the staged reading was canceled completely. It was fun to be a part of the process, reading the show, singing it and all but the best part was meeting new and talented people. The staged reading was directed by Chad Larabee, a real old school kind of cool cat [whatever that means but that’s what I’m going with]. He was laid back, extremely understanding, positive and one of those people you know you have to work with again before your creative career is over [that’s a hint Chad]. We also got to meet a very talented tenor and actor in Chris Murrah. A great kid [I say kid, he’s older than me] who has obvious talent, sharp wit, and was very easy to get along with. I got the privilege to spend an evening chatting with Chris and Lori about various topics including gay rights, romances, past relationships, creativity, alcohol [one of my favorites] amongst other things. We spent the evening drinking and enjoying ourselves in the best bar in Lynchburg… Bull Branch! How could you say the reading was a failure when I got to meet some incredible people, help a director and composer with their process of creating and finalizing their show and last but not least, I finally got ot work with Endstation Theatre company on something! Good times and totally worth it.

Speaking of Endstation, their annual Sonnets and Chocolates event is this Friday Feb. 12th 7:30 PM at 8th and Tresca [formerly The Swan Group] for an evening of performances, delectable delights and good people. Meme and I will be performing a number from RENT and from Songs For A New World. COME CHECK US OUT! Ticket info below:

Tickets on sale at:
or RSVP by emailing:

Desserts included with purchase of ticket!!!

$20 (adults)
$10 (students with valid student ID)
Reserve Table (12 seats) for $220
(Please note that all table members check in
at Will Call under the name on the reservation.)

[decent plug]

In Wolfbane related news… Blog is UP[link below] and Last Five Years is cast! Congrats Mary ‘Meme’ Hussey and Dustin Williams! Show goes up in April so stay tuned! You can follow the process at! [thanks Chad for the idea]

As for now… I’ll let this be it. Take care and Peace be da Journey!


And So It Begins…

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Blogging: The new(to me) internet craze sweeping the… web. Being new to me, leaves me asking various questions. What is Blogging? Why is it called “blogging” or a “blog”? Who started this idea? Was his name Wilhem Bloggenstein? Where did he get the idea?

Historical questions aside, now here comes the real pressure, what do I BLOG ABOUT?! So much Damn pressure (Thanks Tom) but I think, I feel it, I’m ready to try… so here goes my first blog which will no doubt leave me addicted to the idea and with numerous unintelligent ramblings. LETS BLOG ON!

The Topic of my first Blog… well lets just say I spent quite a bit a of time determining what to Blog about. Sports would be my obvious first choice, perhaps later include my knowledge and love for musicals or theatre… who can say but the minute the topic hit me, I knew it, just like Janet Jackson knew her boob was popping out at the hand of JT. The day after Tom (Aka Crystal Tom Cara Bonham Carter V) created our Wolf Den blog, which I’m convinced no one is or will be reading for a while, I immediately got prepared for my first blog entry. Possibly over prepared. I woke up the next day, got showered, headed out early towards Heritage High School for rehearsal of my show, and I decided to grab Bojangles (Amazing biscuit and fried chicken fast food restaurant with cajun flavor) on my way to the theater for food. It was here that the pressure began to build. the place was packed… it was 1:00pm on a Sunday afternoon in one of the most religious cities in America… church was over and people needed their arteries filled with fried chicken! Inside, I saw a large group of Liberty students gathering slowly two by two to a long table they kept extending, several families with very well behaved kids, a cute couple and their grand kids in front of me in line and your usual assortment of followers you expect to be in a fast food chicken and biscuits restaurant. Here I experienced unaware kids blocking the entire beverage bar (until grandma noticed), the anxiety that someone is going to sit where you put your food or even take it while you are getting your drink (damn grand kids again), weeding out by the Liberty Students (They travel in herds and apparently have some kind of signal or call that attracts many miles away to meet on their location and the anxiety of someone cleaning your table without you being finished with your meal (not a big deal in a buffet). By this time, I was going nuts because all I could think about is………………. Can I Blog About This Later?!

From that moment on, I was ruined! My FAVORITE fast food joint turned into a blogger’s typing block that really was a a cluster F*** of possible ideas… and until now, I have approached everything in that manner. Who knows what will be posted in my future but I will lasso my ideas and bring them to the screen one at a time.

Ok now a mini update: Show went AMAZING!, Thank you cast, crew and supporting friends; Saw Avatar yesterday and it’s crazy beautiful; friends moving back WOO HOO; SNOW! over 16 inches now and still coming down; found my web cam; USA gets a great World Cup Draw; Wolf den looks gorgeous with Tim’s decorations; filming soon; Sims 3 was purchased; catch up on Friday Night Lights (best show on TV) and How I Met Your Mother; and now time to watch The Hangover.

Peace Be Da Journey.


Dustin Chase signing in

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My first blog post EVER!

Not really sure what I’m supposed to write about so I’m just gonna write 🙂

So last night we watched Waiting For Guffman – my all time favorite comedy – and afterwards, we watched the deleted scenes, of which I had only seen a few.  Two scenes in particular had me and the rest of the house rolling!  One with Corky, the flamboyant director as he goes hunting with an old country man and the other was a simple shot of Corky singing the word “blood” in a  base to false setto voice that is absolutely brilliant.

In other news, I really want a tattoo!  I think I want it just below my ankle on my right foot.  or maybe my left.  I think I’ve finally settled on the idea of getting some form of the moon as my tatt.  The moon has always transfixed me and I have so many amazing memories of playing out below bright moons with so many loved ones and also it represents that beautiful sense of mystery and magic and since my spiritual animal is a wolf, it’s just fitting. I’m trying my best to get mitchy to help me design it but he says God designed the moon so he shouldn’t have to do it for me.  pssh.  😉

I’m pumped to see Aaron’s show Running in the Red this weekend at Heritage!  He has been working his ass off and is really excited about it and so I can’t wait to see the finished product!  Also I’m sure his kids are going to be great and I hear from my sources that they have absolutely loved working with Cuzzo which is no surprise at all 🙂

Also on an exciting note, as miss India was over visiting the other night, we’re all sitting in the living room having a nice Christmasy time when BANG!  A gun shot rang through the night!  We all dropped away from the windows, minus Aaron who plastered his face to the door, and I called the cops.  They came and investigated but we never heard if anything came of it.  God love ya Lynchburg.

Speaking of Christmas, our tree looks sooo AMAZING!!  Timmy decorated it and did this thing where he tied this gold and red ribbon together into this giant bow and then has these other ribbons coming off it, flowing down the tree.  It’s gorgeous.  I keep telling him he could make a killing decorating because he’s super talented with it and knows how to avoid cheese.

Also our dryer is broken.  I haven’t done laundry in almost 3 weeks.  Laundry mat here I come.

K thats all for now!

Much lovin!



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This is Matt signing on.

Today I went on a spontaneous solo hike to the top of Sharp Top, one of the famed Peaks of Otter in Bedford.  I had originally planned on taking pictures around the town of Bedford, but when I saw so much snow on the mountains I had to check it out.  Luckily I had planned for the possibility of a hike and wore my waterproof dry Keens, compressor jacket and layers.

Lately 709 Mansfield Avenue has come to  resemble The Real World, so it was nice to have some time to myself and take in the beautiful sights.  The snow was just what I needed to put me in the Christmas spirit.

Check out some of my shots.

love some snow

[aaron.dustin.matt.shawn.tim.tom] five guys. a girl. and a [_____]

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and so begins our attempt to chronicle life here @ the wolf den.

a preview of what’s to come:

our ups. our downs.

our highs. our lows.

our successes. our failures.

our loves. our likes. our hates.

six lives. irrevocably bound together by this house we’ve made a home for an undetermined period of time.

a quick profile of our family.

aaron. our resident renaissance man and jack of all trades.

dustin. explorer/dreamer/werewolf/pirate/ghost hunter/owner of the messiest car known to mankind.

matt. marathon master/blonde bombshell/junk in the trunk/keeper of our sanity.

shawn. manager of spencers by day. bartender of our dreams by night.

tim. amateur botanist/dancer/zelda master/bow maker extraordinaire.

tom. (me) lover of literature/coffee/conversation/beer/airplanes/music. lover of love.

life, here, is a sitcom. but better. because its real. so stay tuned.

the wolf pack [aaron.dustin.matt.shawn.tim.tom] five guys. a girl. and a [_______]

this blog [a public place where our dreams. our hopes. our arts. our beautifully painful disasters. our lives are forever engraved] is an attempt to fill in that blank.

may you be part of our blank.